have yourself a very bookish christmas… and give one too!

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Hi, everyone! Today, Audrey over at The Measure of a Book  is joining us with gift ideas for the bookish person in your life. (Or even yourself!) Be sure to go and check out her blog! =) Here’s Audrey!


Hello everyone! I’m Audrey from The Measure of a Book, and Emily here, has asked me to do a bookish holiday post! So, I will be posting some of THE BEST Christmas gifts for that bookish buddy in your life! (Which means, you are more than welcome to present any of these gifts to me, buddies! Grandma? Mom…?) 🙂

These are some ideas, but get creative! Add a little bit of yourself to these gifts!
We will go from biggest to smallest, but the size of your  gift does not determine the thought and love put into it…
Let us begin!
1.} A Bookishly Beautiful Gift Basket
Fill a basket, bucket or bag with some bookish items and you have instant happiness!
Item ideas:
A fuzzy blanket, Snuggie, or slippers
Tea or coffee
A coffee mug
A bookstore gift card (such as Barnes and Noble)
Pretty bookmarks
A journal
Fun pens
More chocolate
Bookish accessories (you can find my personal favorites here)
A candle (you can find a book scented candle by clicking the link above)
To make it more personal:
Put some of your own favorite books in there
In the journal or card, write some of your favorite quotes taken from books
Make a homemade card using a quote from a book as your greeting
For more fun:
You can base your basket  off one particular book or series (Example: to create one based off The Giver by Lois Lowry, add your typical, favorite things like a blanket and coffee mug, but add a pretty copy of The Giver, an apple ((only fans will understand that reference!!)), maybe the movie, some rosemary potpourri, and maybe this little Giver themed tree ornament. Or this adorable key chain. For your card, use a quote from the book as your greeting. If you were using The Giver, you could do: “Memories are forever”.)
2.} Bookish Day Out
There’s only one thing better than going through bookstores… Going through bookstores with friends! How about taking your bookish buddy out for the day. You can hang out at the bookstore, and buy them a cup of coffee! Discussing and referring books will be a lot of fun.
3.} Keep Calm…
This gift is small, but perfect in every way… Get a small gift bag, throw in a coffee mug, some coffee or tea, and a gift card, for the perfect, calming gift!
Item ideas:
(For the coffee lover) coffee, and a flavored coffee creamer
(For the tea drinker) a box of assorted teas and a small jar of honey
A coffee cup sleeve
A bookstore gift card
A Starbucks gift card
To make it more personal:
Instead of buying your coffee creamer, you can give a jar of some homemade creamer (you can find some recipes here)
Make your own mug sleeve with felt or a sweater and buttons
A homemade bookish greeting card
4.} Um… BOOKS!
Grab your favorite books, or series of books, and go! If you liked them, and you know your friend has never stuck their nose into them, those books will make a great gift!
5.} Gift Card Galore
How about a bookstore gift card along with a Starbucks gift card? Sounds pretty great to me!! You might not be able to take your friend out for the day, but these two gift cards will give them a day to their self. And maybe you could add a list of favorites they can check out.
Well! I hope this gave you a good idea of what to give, and what to ask for! 😉 Anything you would add?
Thank you Emily for having me, and to everyone reading… Have yourself a very bookish Christmas!

P.S. What do you think of the new theme? 🙂


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  2. These are all amazing bookish gift ideas, but the themed bookish gift basket sounds especially amazing. If I were to make one of those, I would probably make the theme The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit/LOTR, Pride and Prejudice, The Lunar Chronicles or The Little House on the Prairie series.

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