Review Policies

Hello there! If you’re an author, publisher, or fellow bookworm, thank you so much for considering For the Bookish a trusted reviewer. Here are my policies for what I will and will not review, and how I rate books.

What I Review: 

– Middle Grade & Young Adult

– Mild romance

– Contemporary fiction

– Historical Fiction

– Christian fiction

– (occasionally) Dystopian or Sci-Fi

*Note: I discuss all genres of literature on my blog, but I will only review what is listed above. 

What I Will Not Review:

– Adult fiction

– Erotica/Unclean romance

– Horror

– Fantasy

– Nonfiction


– Paranormal

– Comic/Graphic novels

Further Guidelines:

My blog is meant for fellow teen readers to find appropriate books. No adult content or fiction of any sort will be reviewed here. If you are considering me as a reviewer, please understand the following: I do not accept explicit language, underage drinking, sexual content, or any adult content in any of the books I review.

Sending me an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC)? 

I do not accept PDF formatted ARCs. I do, however, welcome any review copy that follows my guidelines. I will try my best to read your book in a timely manner. Please let me know if there is a specific date you’d like the book to be reviewed. Alongside my blog, I post reviews on Goodreads.

Review Format

I will provide information about the book prior to the review: title, author, series (if applicable), publisher, publishing date, length, source, synopsis, and cover. 

I rate my books based on: character development, predictability, flow of book (length, story line, if the book was slow at any point, etc.), relatable characters, and if the book met/exceeded/did not meet my expectations.

If there was any questionable content, I will list it for cautious readers.

I write honest reviews for all the books I read. Specifically, I do write negative reviews from time to time.

How I Rate Books

five stars: I absolutely adored this book! I can see myself re-reading it and recommending to everyone I know!

four stars: I liked this book a lot! It had a few flaws, but overall I enjoyed it. I may or may not re-read it and recommend the book to certain people I think would enjoy it.

three stars: I fairly enjoyed this book. I had several complaints and at times it was slow to get through, but it was decent and interesting.

two stars: This book was mediocre and I would not read it again or recommend it. I may have enjoyed parts of it, but didn’t like the plot/characters and/or there was content I wasn’t okay with.

one star: I did not like this book at all! I did not complete it.

Thank you for respecting my review policies. Please contact me if you have any questions or requests.