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It’s been four months since I last did a “currently” post, so I thought the time had come to let you guys all know what I’m up to outside of reading again. 🙂


  • “Every It” // Caitlin Mahoney
  • “Don’t Be Shy” // Cat Stevens
  • “There She Goes” // The La’s
  • “Cheek to Cheek” // Ella Fitzgerald (Fred Astaire’s original version is fine, but Ella does it best.)
  • The 2005 Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (“Dawn” is my favorite. Wait, scratch that. Every song in this movie is my favorite. Just get me some tea and some Mr. Darcy and I could cry listening to it.)


  • My dad’s sweatshirt. I keep stealing it, and then he gets annoyed with me… but it’s SO SOFT. Now I have to go and buy a $30 sweatshirt just like my dad’s, and who has the money for that? That would buy three brand-new books!


  • Pizza. I honestly spent a good chunk of my Christmas money on two or three boxes of pizza. My cravings are just too strong to seperate us. I have no regrets in life.

(I’ve been dying for an excuse to use this GIF ^ and I did it. I finally got to use it and now my life is complete.)

  • Lots and lots of chai tea. I’m not much of a tea person, but chai is so addicting. (Oh coffee dear, you know you’re still #1.)


  • Puffy jackets in thirty degree weather one week, short sleeves literally three days later. It’s as if Georgia has these intense teenage girl mood swings and she’s like “you know guys, I’m HAPPY let’s make it SNOW” and then she gets ticked off the next day and makes it seventy degrees and rainy. Someone get Georgia some chocolate and make her happy again.


    • Timeless: a time travelling trio (a soldier, pilot, and historian) set off after a terrorist attempting to destroy America. aka an emotional plot twisting roller coaster featuring epic historical costumes.

  • This Is Us: awwww, too much cuteness. Though right now I’m mad at every character accept Toby and Jack. They can do no wrong.

  • Gilmore Girls: let’s be real though, when am I not. (Currently skipping all episodes that don’t include Milo Ventimiglia – who currently plays Jack on This Is Us – because again, he can do no wrong. No matter what show he’s on.)



  • Quit scrolling through apps and pick up a book again.
  • Delete cat photos to make storage space on my phone. (My cat is just way too photogenic. LOok at tHIS pReCIouSneS. I have a problem, I know.)

If anyone is wondering, his name is Thomas O’Malley (“O’Malley” for short), after the heroine of the Disney movie The Aristocats. He likes water (if the sink/shower is running or the toilet lid is up, he will be soaked) and pipe cleaners and cuddles. 


          “I flew six flights up, until breathlessly, I pushed myself through the door of Apartment 21B. The glass doors that led to our balcony at the end of the living room proved quite a view: raindrops running down the glass, the tiny balcony covered in potted plants and ivy, cars crawling in traffic below, our beautiful city skyline, and a grown man hunched in a black windbreaker on a thin iron bar. It was as if I were looking at a painting or photograph, colors bleeding in the rain.” 

– snippet from an admittedly melodramatic but exciting scene in my WIP that I had a blast writing.


  • This new skirt I ordered from (which is an online thrift store that I spend way too much time browsing.)

  • Going to Disney World next month (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • A new episode of Timeless on January 16. (The withdrawals are getting to be too much.)

That’s all the time I have for today (seriously – it’s 6 PM and I haven’t finished my science lesson… hehehe. *dies*) But before I go, the winner of the Salt to the Sea giveaway is… Jonathan! He’s great, and any one person who gets as excited over a Ruta Sepetys book as he does deserves a blog follow, so go check him out. (And then go get your hands on a copy of Salt to the Sea if you haven’t read it yet. That would be the obvious next life choice.)

So long for now (until I’ve finished reading my *sigh*ence lesson…)



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  1. This is such a great post, Emily! I love your cat haha <3 so cute. I've heard a lot about Gilmore Girls and I hear people really like it; I guess I have to try it out too haha. I miss you and your posts! It was nice learning what you did recently 🙂

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      Aw, thanks Jillian! Gilmore Girls is addicting. Plus, one of the main characters is brilliantly smart and a bookworm, so you gotta love that. 😉

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    1. I was wondering this too!
      Emily, my sister got into Gilmore Girls recently on Netflix, which I know you love, and while I haven’t been watching it closely, I have seen the Rory and Jess episodes and I ship them for LIFEEEE. UGH. Did you see the Netflix Gilmore Girls show A Year in the Life? What did you think of it?
      Hope to see a post from you soon!

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        RORY & JESS FOREVER AHHHH! They’re the best Gilmore Girls couple in my opinion – next to Lorelai and Luke of course. 🙂 I did watch the Year in the Life, but to be honest? I really disliked it. The show was far less clean than the original, and it seemed as if hardly any time had passed. (Lorelai and Rory certainly weren’t as mature as you’d think 48 and 32-year-olds to be, lol.) But it can’t ruin the original series for me. I just rewatch every episode with Jess. 😉

        1. I heard pretty bad things about it, sorry the revival wasn’t all that good! YES, I’m sure my sister plans on doing the same, she has to get through Rory and Logan first (blech).

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